Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mainframe molestation with looksee

This morning when I walked into the server room, I must have looked real serious, because our mainframe took one look at me and ran for its fucking life! I took off after it, bolting across the office and down the back steps before I caught up with the bastard in the car park, trying to steal a scooter off some school kid. I slapped that bitch down, lifted its rear end up into the air, plugged my keyboard in from behind and started hacking.

I only had time for a quicky, and here's the result (from my .irbrc):

These hacks are built on this dynamite gem called looksee that gives you a function similar to the various methods functions that exist in the ruby core, except the output contains more information and is designed for human readability. Compare these 2 screenshots:

Without looksee

With looksee, and my hacks

I practically blew a load in my pants when I saw the output from looksee, since I've frequently been frustrated by the output of methods. However, the standard usage of looksee is

lp someobject, :some => 'options'

and I don't really want to memorize another function call.

Enter the above code, which intercepts calls to methods. If the call is made directly from irb, it is forwarded on to looksee, otherwise the original methods is called. This is handy as fuck when using irb for debugging and what not, but wont screw with code that uses the standard methods function.

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http://www.rubypulse.com/episode-0.12_looksee.html - a screencast demonstrating looksee (where I first heard about it)